Wyoming Animals

Time: 30-45 Minutes

Grades: K-3

This program is designed to teach younger children about some of the animals that can be found in the Rocky Mountains and Great Plains! We've picked some of the most interesting and fun animals for your students to learn about! We'll discuss what they eat, how they move, what noises they make, and other fun things! Your students will also see some amazing animal biofacts! 

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Wyoming Animals:

Our Wyoming Animals program is a fantastic choice for bringing excitement and a love of animals into your classroom! Your students will love learning about some of the coolest animals that call Wyoming home. Every animal your students will see will have an interesting movement, vocalization, adaptations, or just look really cool! 

We will use pictures, puppets, animal mounts, and other biofacts as we learn about these animals. Your students will learn about animals like the skunk, porcupine, black bear, owl, box turtle, and more! If you want your students to learn about a certain animal, we can usually accommodate that! Just type what animal you want to learn about in your program request!

Let’s get your students moving, making noise, and learning about animals! Request the Wyoming Animals virtual field trip, today!

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