Life of Owls

Time: 60 Minutes  

Grades: 3-12

This engaging program is all about the ultimate nighttime hunter - owls. Your students will learn about the amazing adaptations that make owls phenomenal at surviving in their unique habitats and catching their prey. After learning about their adaptations, we'll examine the snowy owl, great-horned owl, and northern saw-whet owl... along with a ton of fun biofacts!

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Birds of prey have long been a source of inspiration for humans. In this program, we will take an in depth look at some of the owls that live in the Rocky Mountains and Great Plains. We’ll learn about what makes owls special, from their hearing, to their eye sight, to many of their other unique adaptations. Then, we’ll look at three of the owl species you can find in Wyoming: the snowy owl, the great-horned owl, and the northern saw-whet owl.

Your students will be able to see full mounts of these birds, skulls, feathers, wings, and feet. 

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