What Makes an Animal

Time: 30-45 Minutes

Grades: PreK-3

In this field trip, specially designed for young students, we’ll learn about what animals all have in common! We’ll also learn about the different major taxon of animals, and how they are different. For example, all mammals have hair, are born alive, and drink milk! Your students will also see some amazing biofacts… including full animal mounts, giant feathers, pelts, and skulls!

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What Makes an Animal:

This exciting program begins by looking at what all animals have in common. Your students will learn why a frog is an animal, but a tree is not. We’ll discuss the fact that all animals move (at least at one point in their life), all animals have sensory organs, all animals eat, and all animals have babies. 

Next, we’ll look at four of the major taxa of animal life: mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians. For each of these groups, we’ll talk about what they all have in common. We’ll learn about warm-blooded vs cold-blooded, live birth vs laying eggs, hair vs feathers vs scales vs skin, and more. All of these topics are designed for the youngest of learners! 

Your students will see a lot of fun animal biofacts during your virtual field trip! Request a program today to learn more!

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