Animal Defenses

Time: 30-60 Minutes

Grades: PreK-6

Across the Rocky Mountains and Great Plains, animals have some amazing special defenses! Your students will learn about the exciting, funny, and gross ways that animals (both large and small) keep themselves safe. They will also be able to see many animal biofacts, including insects specimens, mammal pelts, animal skulls, antlers, feathers, and full animal mounts!

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Animal Defenses:

During the “Animal Defenses” program, your students will learn about some of the most common ways animals keep themselves safe, along with a couple unique methods too! We’ll look at speed, camouflage, mimicry, poison, venom, external defenses, burrows, scent, shells, and more! 

For each of these categories, we’ll see various animals that live in the Rocky Mountains or Great Plains that use this special defense. For example, when we talk about shells, we’ll discuss the millipede, pill bug, armadillo, and box turtle. Your students will also be able to see a lot of amazing animal biofacts during this virtual field trip!

For younger students, we can do this program as a 30-minute virtual field trip. For a little older classes, we can spend longer (45-60 minutes) and look at some more animals. You can decide how long you would like your program to be. 

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