Life of Bears

Time: 45-60 Minutes

Grades: 3-12

This fun program focuses on the three bears species that you can find in North America – the American black bear, the brown bear, and the polar bear. Your students will learn all about these amazing animals, the habitats they live in, their food webs, and their adaptations for survival. We will look at pelts, skulls, and claws for all three of these species! 

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Life of Bears:

The Life of Bears program will start by taking a very brief look at the eight species of bear found across the world. Then, we will take a deeper look at the three species of bear that can be found within the United States; two of which can be seen right here in Wyoming! 

For each of the bear species we will learn about the habitat(s) that you can find those bears within. We’ll discuss which bears are more generalist and which bears are specialized for one habitat type. We’ll also look at the food webs for each type of bear. These three species have very different diets, and we’ll cover all of them! We’ll also discuss the amazing adaptations that each of these species has to live in their unique habitat(s) and find their unique food. 

Similar to our “Life of Wolves” program, this virtual field trip also has an optional 15-minute section at the end. This conservation message is geared towards older school groups. We’ll discuss the current status of all three bears (from not-listed, to threatened, to endangered), what happened to them historically, the threats they are facing now, and how humans are helping. You can choose to have this part of the program included, if you would like. 

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