Habitats and Food Webs

Time: 45-60 Minutes

Grades: 3-12

The Habitats and Food Webs program allows your students to learn about one of the many ecosystems that can be found within Wyoming, chosen by you when booking the program! Your students will learn about what makes that habitat special, what animals live there, and learn about a unique food web within the habitat. They'll also see some amazing animal biofacts.

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Habitats and Food Webs:

During the Habitats and Food Webs program, your students will deep dive into one of the ecosystems that make Wyoming wild! As the teacher, you will be able to choose which habitat you would like your students to learn about. Your options are: shortgrass prairie, sagebrush steppe, forest, alpine tundra, mountains, and riparian areas. 

Regardless of which habitat you choose, your program will begin by your students learning about the plant life, climate, and other ecosystem factors of the habitat. Your students will learn all about what makes that habitat unique! 

Next, we will discuss some of the animals that live in your chosen habitat. As we discuss these animals, we will fill out a food web for the habitat. Starting with producers, moving into primary consumers, all the way up to apex predators. We’ll look at animals from different groups, from insects to birds to mammals and more.  We’ll see full animal mounts, skulls, pelts, and other amazing animal specimens. 

Our Habitats and Food Webs virtual field trip is a great way to reinforce these concepts with your classroom. Request a program today, and be sure to include which habitat you want to learn about! 

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