The Oregon Trail

Grades: 4-6

The Oregon Trail (along with California Trail and Mormon Trail) was a moment in time with huge cultural significance. Our brand-new Oregon Trail trunk lets teachers bring this journey to life in their classrooms. Not only is it chock-full of education items, but it also has a world-class curriculum that lets you helps tell the story of these immigrants.  

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Oregon Trail Education Trunk:

What was it like to walk 2,000 miles over six months? What was it like to eat the same food every day? What was it like to sleep under the stars, get pelted by hail, watch your family die from disease, cross dangerous rivers, and experience the worst dangers of your life? These are the questions that the Oregon Trail Education Trunk, along with our amazing Travel the Oregon Trail Field Trip try to answer.

This trunk was made possible due to the generosity of the BYU Charles Redd Center for Western Studies. We created a fun-filled, educational journey through the story of the Oregon Trail. This cross-disciplinary curriculum includes reading, writing, vocabulary, history, and even math. The files below contain the full Teacher's Guide (which also includes the inventory list for the trunk) and each individual activity, too. The curriculum for this trunk is designed to work alongside our Travel the Oregon Trail Field Trip - either as an On-Grounds Field Trip or a pair of Virtual Field Trips.

Additionally, thanks to the BYU Charles Redd Center for Western Studies, we also have a separate budget for shipping out this trunk. We thank the Redd Center for all their support in bringing this Education Trunk to life.  

Video 1: The Five Big Questions of the Oregon Trail - The Teacher Book Will Explain When to Show this Video

Details on Trunk Shipping vs. Trunk Pick Up at the Museum.

  • Pick up and drop off at the museum is free to every school! If you drive here, you can borrow the trunk! 
  • If your school is within Wyoming, but more than an hour and a half from the museum, the museum can pay to ship the trunk to you. But you must cover the cost of shipping back to the museum. The museum has a yearly budget allocated to shipping trunks; once that budget is depleted, shipping costs have to be covered by the school. 
  • The Museum does not ship trunks to schools within an hour and a half of the museum. However, pick up at the museum is always available. 
  • If your school is outside of Wyoming, you must cover the cost of shipping both ways. Additionally, we are limited to locations that North Park Transportation can deliver to. This usually includes Northern Colorado, Denver, and some other regional states. Check with the museum to learn more. 
  • The museum does not ship trunks to schools within an hour of the museum, but pick up is always available.

If you want to know more about our Native American Education Trunk, fill out a program request or give us a call. 

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