Wildlife Conservation

Grades: 6-12

This trunk provides teachers with all the resources they need to teach their students about the Wildlife Conservation. It is designed to inspire students through hands on education, small group research, and class presentations.


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Wildlife Conservation Education Trunk:

Our education trunks are provided for free to all schools, and shipping is available for schools within Wyoming. Details of shipping are below.

This trunk is designed for your students to deep dive into the conservation story of one species. You'll place your students in small groups and assign them each one species that has a unique conservation story. They will also be handed wildlife items that came from their species. This might be skulls, pelts, feet, antlers, and more. They might also get items that were confiscated by the US Fish and Wildlife Service from poachers and traffickers. This includes ivory jewelry, hide shoes, traditional medicine boxes, wallets, purses, and more.

Your students will utilize animal booklets that will guide them through what happened to their species, the human causes of its endangerment, how humans stepped up to help the species, and the current state of its conservation. After their research, they will create a presentation to the class to teach their fellow students about their species

This trunk is a great resource for Middle School and High School teachers who want their students to to get a hands on experience with wildlife conservation. Request this trunk now to help inspire your students and teach them about the interaction between humans and wildlife. 

Details on Trunk Shipping vs. Trunk Pick Up at the Museum.

  • Pick up and drop off at the museum is free to every school! If you drive here, you can borrow the trunk! 
  • If your school is within Wyoming, but more than an hour and a half from the museum, the museum can pay to ship the trunk to you. But you must cover the cost of shipping back to the museum. The museum has a yearly budget allocated to shipping trunks; once that budget is depleted, shipping costs have to be covered by the school. 
  • The Museum does not ship trunks to schools within an hour and a half of the museum. However, pick up at the museum is always available. 
  • If your school is outside of Wyoming, you must cover the cost of shipping both ways. Additionally, we are limited to locations that North Park Transportation can deliver to. This usually includes Northern Colorado, Denver, and some other regional states. Check with the museum to learn more. 
  • The museum does not ship trunks to schools within an hour of the museum, but pick up is always available.

If you want to know more about our Wildlife Conservation Education Trunk, fill out a program request or give us a call. 

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