Mystery Skype

Time: 45-60 Minutes

Grades: 2-8

Welcome to Wyoming! In this class, your students will ask yes/no questions to guess where in the world the museum is located. Next, they will learn about the different habitats of Wyoming and some of the amazing animals that live here. We'll also see some pelts, skulls, and animal mounts! Finally, they will hear a Native American story about some of these same animals.  

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Mystery Skype:

Mystery Skype is an exciting, engaging, and interactive exploration of the habitats, animals, and people of Wyoming! This program can be utilized by schools outside of Wyoming as our Mystery Skype program. Additionally, Wyoming schools can use this program (without the first portion) as an introduction to Wyoming habitats and animals. 

We will begin the program by informing your students that I am currently in a museum, but I will not tell them where in the world I am. They will then be able to ask yes/no questions to narrow down my location - until they determine that I'm in Wyoming. Using a map program, we will then quickly go over some of the major areas of Wyoming... including our national parks, national forests, national monuments, Native American reservation, and major cities.

Next, we will discuss the major types of habitat found in Wyoming. Students will learn what makes each habitat unique, and what are some of the pressures that animals face there.

After the habitats, I will walk students through some of the major wildlife species that can be found in Wyoming. During this section, I will use a mixture of digital pictures, skulls, pelts, antlers, full animal mounts, and other animal biofacts to educate and inspire your students.

Finally, we will discuss the Native American tribes that have called Wyoming home... past and present. We will end with a Native American story about the Bison and the Magpie.

Mystery Skype is one of our oldest and most well-loved programs. Request it today to let your students learn all about our great state!

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