Life of Ungulates

Time: 45-60 Minutes

Grades: 3-12


If your students love huge animals, this is the program for you! In “Life of Ungulates” we will learn all about the large, hooved animals that call the Rocky Mountains and Great Plains home. Your students will learn about bison, moose, elk, deer, big-horn sheep, mountain goats, and pronghorn! We’ll look at skulls, hooves, antlers, horns, and pelts during this fun program!

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Life of Ungulates:

The Life of Ungulates program will focus on the large hooved herbivores that live in the Rocky Mountains and Great Plains! We’ll be looking at all different types of ungulates, from deer to sheep to goats to bovines to pronghorn. 

We’ll look at which species live in which habitats, and how each of them is adapted for those habitats. Your students will learn all about what makes each of these species unique and special. Next, we’ll discuss what predators are a danger to each of these hooved animals. We’ll wrap up by learning about the social behaviors of these animals, including the benefits of living in a herd. 

This program is an amazing opportunity to teach your students about some of the most iconic species of the West. Request a virtual field trip to day to learn more about them!

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