Life of Felines

Time: 45-60 Minutes

Grades: 3-12


In this program, your students will spend time learning about the three species of cats that life in the Rocky Mountains and Great Plains! We’ll discuss the mountain lion, Canada lynx, and bobcat! These animals are adapted for different habitats, which we’ll learn all about. We’ll also talk about their social and survival adaptations. Your students will see full mounts, skulls, and pelt for these animals!

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Life of Felines:

The Life of Felines program will start by taking a look at the three species of cats that live in the Rocky Mountains and Great Plains. We’ll discuss where they can be found, how big they are, and other general information. Then, we will take a deeper look at each of the three species!

For each of the cats, we will learn about the habitat(s) that you can find them within. Some of these animals can be found across multiple habitats, while some are more specialized. Next, we’ll discuss their food webs; taking a look at some of their most common prey. We’ll also learn about the amazing adaptations that each of these species has. We'll learn about their adaptations to live in their unique habitat(s) and to find their unique food. We’ll conclude the program by talking about the social behaviors of these amazing cats.

Mountain lions, Canada lynx, and bobcats are incredibly fun to learn about, and have some amazing adaptations. Request a virtual field trip today to learn more about them! 

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